I’ve gone through and updated all the SNES links/thumbnails to match the N64 update style. I’ve snagged photos of all the carts, with only 8 of them needing to be replaced. I had no idea my copy of Link to the Past was so destroyed.

It shouldn’t be too hard/expensive to find replacements for the 8 missing carts.

I’ve got nearly all of the cartridges photographed in my N64 collection up on the site now! There are 3 stragglers that I need to get new carts for but it shouldn’t be too hard to track those ones down. I’m going to wrap the N64 stuff up today by taking shots of the few boxes I have and then I’ll move onto the other consoles.

I’ve started going through, beginning with Nintendo 64, and updating the game list pages. I’ve been replacing the videos with stand alone photos of the physical copies of the games in my collection. I’ve got about 45 N64 games that need to be cleaned up before I take the photos but I should have those finished up in a couple days.

There are a few N64 games that I took photos of that I plan on replacing, a good example being Extreme-G. That cart is a mess.

I don’t think I’ve posted this to the site yet but I managed to pick up a good amount of these over the summer last year.

Cillian and I went out to do a little Skylander hunting this morning and one of the shops happened to have a few N64 games I don’t have in the collection. They were mainly sports titles and some pretty decent shape boxes for a couple sports titles I already had.

Best part was finding a copy of Beast Wars, haven’t seen this sucker in a long time.

My game hunting motivation is starting to kick in, like it does every spring, and I managed to pull in a good chunk of N64 games today. A lot of them are filler but a couple notables are Diddy Kong Racing and Harvest Moon 64. I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to grab Diddy Kong as I feel I’ve seen it everywhere but for some reason have just never picked it up.

I’ve nearly got all of the SNES stuff I have in my game room uploaded and I’ll probably be moving onto N64 next. I have to recapture/scan every game and I just hit 180! So close to that 200 milestone.

Just finished scanning and uploading all of the manual covers from the Odyssey 2 haul today. Check them out over in the manuals section.

Odyssey 2 - War of Nerves Odyssey 2 - Nimble Numbers Ned Odyssey 2 - Math a Magic - Echo Odyssey 2 - Invaders from Hyperspace Odyssey 2 - Dynasty Odyssey 2 - Casino Slot Machine Odyssey 2 - Bowling Basketball Odyssey 2 - Baseball Odyssey 2 - Attack of the Timelord Monkeyshines

Managed to get a boxed N64, FINALLY. I’ve been looking for one of these locally for a long time and thankfully my usual store actually had one. I picked up a bunch of Odyssey games and a Legend of Zelda repro cart as well.

Good stuff.

FB_IMG_14015651829004633 FB_IMG_14015651695700586

I recently went through and recaptured the majority of my Sega CD collection. I’m still missing a couple captures and during that little adventure I found that my Final Fight CD no longer works for whatever reason.

I put up some new PS1 and PS2 games….but I deleted the rest of them! New capture hardware means new captured videos!

On my “you need to do this” shelf at the moment :

– latest intellivision box/manual scans

– latest ps2 haul video captures/scans

– latest 3do game video capture/scans

– photos of the Barcode Battler and PC Engine consoles.

Once I get those taken care of I’ll move onto either the N64 stuff or SNES…not sure which yet…

I’ve added some videos for the entries under the Sega CD games section….not a bad thing, right? Wrong. I recently got some new capture hardware and it’s light years ahead of the capture card I was using before. I’ll need to move back through the previously captured Sega CD stuff and replace it but there’s a good chunk of new stuff over in the Sega CD section now.

I’ve also added some new pictures of the Xbox One and a few other consoles I’ve snagged over the past month or so.

Moving forward I still have the rest of the Sega CD stuff to get through and then I’m going to move onto the rest…On my desk right now I have a bunch of PS1, PS2, N64 and 3DO. I’m thinking N64 will be the next console to tackle and get all of those suckers uploaded.